DN Style 11851 Gasket Sizing Chart

Since the size of the gasket is based on the size of the pipe fitting, it is difficult to determine the size of the gasket based on its dimensions. The following are nominal dimensions for Standard 11851 DN Style Gaskets and are for reference only.

DN10/4.5 12MM 20MM 4MM
DN15/4.5 18MM 26MM 4MM
DN20/4.5 23MM 33MM 5MM
DN25 30MM 40MM 5MM
DN32 36MM 46MM 5MM
DN40 42MM 52MM 5MM
DN50 54MM 64MM 5MM
DN65 71MM 81MM 5MM
DN80 85MM 95MM 5MM
DN100 104MM 114MM 5MM


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